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EXXFIRE - Integrated Inert Gas Fire Suppression Systems
Integrated Automatic Zero-Pressure IG-100 Fire Detection & Suppression Systems

Incorporating Aspiration Detection or Linear Heat Cable Detection and Integrated Fire Control Panel

All-in-One System includes Detection, Suppression & Control - Zero Gas Cylinders  Zero Stored Pressure

EXXFIRE IG-100 automatic fire detection & suppression systems require zero cylinders, zero stored pressure and very low storage space. They take up virtually zero floor-space.  EXXFIRE functions with all the environmental and fire protection benefits of a conventional enclosure and room inert gas suppression system but without many drawbacks and costs of a conventional stored pressure system.


Exxfire systems are integrated automatic fire detection and suppression systems with built in aspirating smoke detectors or electrical linear heat detectors for exceptional sensitivity to early stage fire development and reliability against false alarms all integrated to an onboard fire control panel which can be connected to the main building fire control system.

EXXFIRE Inert Gas Systems are used to protect small rooms, equipment, enclosures, control cabinets and switchgear from fire.

Zero High Pressure Cylinders / Zero Floor Space Required / Zero Pipe & Nozzles / Zero Building Works


Gaseous Fire Suppression System with no cylinders. Huge cost of ownership benefits.

The EXXFIRE Pressureless Inert Gas System is ideal for protecting electrical cabinets, manufacturing equipment such as CNC machines, fire hazards in wind turbines, in marine and offshore applications. Multiple EXXFIRE Nitrogen Suppression System Generators can be connected together to provide fire protection for larger spaces. 

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EXXFIRE Inert Gas Systems complement our Li-ion Tamer Lithium Battery monitoring systems by force ventilating build up of flammable gases from a battery enclosure and then inerting the space to resist fire growth and spread.

Install the Li-ion Tamer and EXXFIRE system together to provide outstanding fire protection for Li-ion Energy Storage Systems and Lithium Battery stores and Li-ion UPS systems.

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