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N2G - Inert Gas Fire Suppression Systems

Equipro Ltd is delighted and proud to be appointed as distributor and sales channel for N2G. Equipro's long experience offering specialist fire protection systems and solutions for special hazards make us an ideal sales partner. N2G IG-100 automatic fire suppression systems require zero cylinders, zero stored pressure, zero pipes, zero nozzles and zero storage space. They function with all the environmental and fire protection benefits of a conventional enclosure and room  inert gas suppression system but without many drawbacks of a conventional stored pressure system. 

N2G Inert Gas Systems are used to protect small rooms, equipment, enclosures, control cabinets and switchgear from fire.

Zero High Pressure Cylinders / Zero Floor Space Required / Zero Pipe & Nozzles / Zero Building Works


Gaseous Fire Suppression System with no cylinders. Huge cost of ownership benefits.


N2G IG-100 generators are sized and pre-engineered to provide the correct design concentration of inert gas to safely reduce the oxygen content of a space to below that where combustion can be sustained whilst maintaining a level of oxygen safe for people.

N2G IG-100 Inert gas Fire Suppression System looks and operates like an aerosol system but delivers instant, clean, pure nitrogen with zero particulates or residues. Normally, a conventional inert gas system requires significant floor space to cater for high pressure inert gas cylinders which are super-pressurized to around 300bar. These high pressures (which are entirely absent with the Equipro N2G IG-100 Gas Suppression System)  present their own storage, handling, logistics issues and costs which don't apply to the Equipro N2G system.

The N2G IG-100 Pressureless Inert Gas System is ideal for protecting electrical cabinets, manufacturing equipment such as CNC machines, fire hazards in wind turbines, in marine and offshore applications. Multiple Equipro N2G Generators can be connected together to provide fire protection for larger spaces. 

N2G Inert Gas Systems complement our Li-ion Tamer Lithium Battery monitoring systems by force ventilating build up of flammable gases from a battery enclosure and then inerting the space to resist fire growth and spread.

Install the Li-ion Tamer and N2G system together to provide outstanding fire protection for Li-ion Energy Storage Systems and Lithium Battery stores and Li-ion UPS systems.

Lithium Battery Fire Protection and monitoring

N2G Inert Gas Systems & Li-ion Tamer - Protecting Li-ion Batteries against Thermal Runaway and Fire Spread

Inert Gas Fire Protection System with zero cylinders, zero stored pressure and zero discharge pipework.

Stringent Testing for added Confidence

THALES - Product Mechanical & Environmental Properties

IEC 60068-2-6, Test Fc: Environmental testing, Vibration (sinusoidal) ,edition 7.0 2007-12. (PASS)

ISO 15779:2011, Condensed aerosol fire extinguishing systems — Requirements and test methods for components and system design, installation and maintenance — General requirements. Edition 1, 2011-11 (PASS)

SO 9227, Corrosion tests in artificial atmospheres — Salt spray tests. 2017-03 (PASS)

KIWA - Specialist Globally recognised Testing & Certification Body

EN15004-8 - Fixed firefighting systems - Gas extinguishing systems -

Part 8: Physical properties and system design of gas extinguishing systems for IG-100 extinguishant


K21045 Fire Protection Systems SCP-01-01 Global Standard for Nitrogen Generator Fire Suppression Systems.

Note** N2G IG-100 Nitrogen generators are not aerosol systems though mechanically they are very similar in construction. N2G IG-100 Pressureless and Cylinderless Nitrogen generators fulfill very similar function to conventional stored pressure inert gas systems but mechanically they are very different in construction and operation. This means that Equipro N2G IG-100 Suppression Systems can't be third party tested against an existing fire system standard. KIWA developed a stringent robust standard which extracted key elements of aerosol and stored pressure fire standards and created fire standard K21045-SCP-01-01 which is a scientifically thorough independent third party test and approval. We can share a copy of the standard with any interested party upon request.

Equipro N2G IG-100 PURE CLEAN Nitrogen IG-100 Extinguishing Agent

The physical similarity to an Aerosol fire system stops when it comes to the extinguishing agent. Equipro N2G IG-100 Fire Suppression systems discharge pure and clean Nitrogen gas. No particles, no fogging, no residue, no clean up no contamination and no fire breakdown products.


Equipro N2G Inert Gas Fire Suppression systems discharges unadulterated, pure, clean and effective IG-100 Nitrogen Gas.

Equipro N2G IG-100 Inert Gas Suppression System Discharge Gas Composition
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