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Fire Safety For Student Accommodation
Fire Protection Solutions For Student Houses and Halls of Residence

House in Multiple Occupation (HMO), Student and Shared accommodation Fire Protection Systems from Equipro to protect life, property, building infrastructure and Landlord business continuity.

  • Those living in rented or shared accommodation are seven times more likely to have a fire.

  • 55% of 18-24 year old  fire related deaths, occurred through the misuse of cooking appliances and careless handling of hot substances. 

  • Over the last 5 years, cigarettes, smoking materials and candles have been the cause of 1,500 18-24 year old injuries. 

Common Risks

  • Cooker Hob Fires

  • Electrical Appliance Fires

  • Electrical Panel 

  • Candle / Room Fires

  • On site Launderette Equipment

  • Server / Computer Equipment

  • Escape Routes/Stairwells

Equipro Offered Fire Systems

  • Kitchen Fire Protection Systems

  • Ignition Source Automatic Fire Detection & Suppression Systems

  • Sprinkler / Watermist Systems

  • Clean Agent Automatic Suppression Systems

Equipro Offered Services

  • Design, Installation & Supply of Fire Protection Systems

House in Multiple Occupation Fire Safety risks can vary according to the size and scale of the accommodation building, the number of occupants and the contents. Examples can be workers camps at remote oil and gas locations, mines, student accommodation etc.

Effective Fire Protection for Student and shared accommodation requires careful identification of the fire risks and the advised means of escape policy in the event of high rise buildings.

A Fire Safety Plan should identify specific and general fire risks and seek to mitigate those risks by installing appropriate fire protection systems technology fit for purpose for the application.

Specific Fire Risks are objects, equipment and machinery. Examples of Specific Fire Risks in Student and shared accommodation include industrial or domestic washing machine/tumble dryers, electrical control cabinets, cooker hobs, computers/servers. Specific Fire Risks are themselves sources of ignition. Automatic Fire Detection & Suppression systems are normally fitted to the equipment directly to detect and suppress the fire where it starts inside the equipment. Equipro can design and supply a variety of "Ignition Source" systems and products depending on the object, it's fuel and location.

General Fire Risks are not specific objects but refer to areas and spaces. Examples of General Fire Risks do not always contain a specific fixed ignition source and these include bedrooms, corridors, stairwells, lift shafts, hallways, server room and atrium/reception. General Fire Risks are protected by "Room Protection" type fire suppression systems such as Sprinklers, Watermist and Clean Agent Gas Suppression Systems that suppress fires over a given area or volume. 

In student and shared accommodation watermist systems can also be installed to create a tunnel of fine water mist that protects residents means of escape from the accommodation area to a safe assembly point.



Low Pressure Watermist using semi-concealed nozzles to reduce tampering provides a pleasing look & feel after installation.

Using Watermist requires less water than Sprinkler systems.

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