Equipro Ltd is an independent fire suppression systems solutions provider and fire risk consultant based in Horsham in the UK but operating worldwide. We offer a wide range of conventional and innovative fire suppression systems and services to enable you to meet your fire protection requirements. We offer full spectrum life safety and business continuity fire protection services and solutions.

Equipro delivers world class solutions for life safety and business continuity fire protection applications and is expert in equipment, machinery and enclosure fire protection.

We are accredited by the Institute of Fire Safety Managers to provide professional and comprehensive Fire Risk Assessments to comply with the UK's Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 focusing on Life Safety, Means of Escape and Business Continuity Fire Safety Solutions.




Equipment & Enclosure Systems

  • Equipro N2G Zero Cylinder Inert Gas Systems

  • Pneumatic Tube Activated Fire Systems

  • Li-ion Tamer Lithium Battery Monitoring Detection

  • Aerosol

Fixed Suppression Systems

  • Buckeye Kitchen Mister UL300 Restaurant Fire Protection

  • N2G Zero Pressure IG-100 Systems

  • Inergen

  • Novec 1230 

  • High & Low Pressure Watermist

  • CO2

  • Aerosols

Fire System Remote Condition Monitoring

  • AUSPEX Remote Monitoring



Installation, Commissioning, Audit & Change-Out

  • Fire System Installation.

  • Fire System Commissioning.

  • Fire System Audit and Control.

  • Fire System Servicing

  • Fire System Survey & Design

  • Fire System Replacement & Changeout.

  • Room Integrity Testing

  • Fire Detection & Alarm Installation

  • Advice and Support.

Owning a Fire Suppression system requires the support of a trusted and capable service team who can meet your every need wherever the system is located. On or Offshore. Equipro can manage your entire fire systems requirement from cradle to grave.

  • Design, Supply & Install Fire Detection & Alarm Systems.

  • Service & Maintenance

  • Upgrades & Replacement

  • Trouble Shooting

  • Advice and Support.

Also CCTV & Access Control Solutions.



Maintain regulatory compliance and protect your people and property from the risk of fire.

Obtain professional fire risk assessments to PAS79 and application site surveys from Equipro.

We'll help you make the right choices to ensure a safe means of escape and also protect your business continuity and insurance requirements.

Equipro is certified and accredited by the Institute of Fire Engineers to carry out Fire Risk Assessments and create Fire Emergency Planning.

Equipro is fully insured.

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Door Inspections

Fire Risk Assessments

Compartmentation Surveys

Fire Extinguishers - supply/service



N2G IG-100 Fire Suppression System

Li-ion Tamer Lithium Battery Off Gas Monitor

Li-ion Tamer 

Lithium Battery Fire Protection

AUSPEX Remote Monitoring Over Internet

Auspex Remote Monitoring