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Your All-Seeing Eye


monitors processes and aspects of your operation. delivers real time status changes directly to your internet connected devices. 

Equipro's AUSPEX enables you to remotely monitor virtually any aspect or function of your operation. It can be retrofitted to existing equipment and provide you with realtime status changes. AUSPEX is used in fire protection applications to monitor the pressure of fire system cylinders, to create an alert if the system changes state or automatically create a service call out if the system falls below acceptable working levels.

We aim to provide you with a system that is designed and geared to your particular specifications by utilising a range of the most up to date technology and equipment. Currently our main focus is on monitoring systems but with the potential to branch out to other areas. This is due to the highly flexible nature of the core technologies that we are using, Our Wireless SNAP Monitoring Units and the AUSPEX In Motion software. Our Units utilise a highly efficient self repairing wireless mesh network that creates numerous connections between the various units making a weblike structure, removing the need for wired installations and improving system integrity. This information is then transmitted via a site controller to a server (either locally or in the cloud) where it can be used in a variety of different ways. The most simplistic of these is a basic webpage that displays the bare minimum of information. The most complex is the AUSPEX In Motion software which allows for real time monitoring of a situation with a variety of additional features.

What is a SNAP Network?

The SNAP Network is an innovative self healing, mesh network that is formed via a collection of SNAP Modules located within range of one another. Part of the Network is one of our Site Controller units, this is where the information is gathered and either stored or sent to wherever it is required via the internet. This allows for an almost instant update of information regardless of the physical distance between the Network and the end user of the information.

What are the key features of the AUSPEX In Motion Software?

The main feature of the In Motion Software is its ability to constantly monitor a large number of disparate systems in real-time allowing for decisions to be made using a more complete image of the situation. This is mainly done through the use of a graphical display and through various forms of communication linked to the system ie. mobile app, text messages, email. Additional features include:


- Alarm Management

- Personnel Management

- Predictive Maintenance

- Preventative Maintenance planning

- Repair and Maintenance reports

- Equipment Managing and Maintenance

How easily can it be integrated?

The system currently uses two main types of transmitters:


  • A 3 digital input and 1 digital output module that will connect to any 'dry' contact.

  • A module with a 4-20mA input, 3 digital inputs and 1 digital output


With these two units we can accommodate for a wide range of industries for example the vast majority of pre-existing Fire & Gas and Instrumentation industry products have a 4-20mA output, as such all that is required is to attach the relevant module and configure the network and you will be able to receive that information wirelessly directly to your internet connected devices.


In addition to these we can also handle information via a UART Serial input with various adaptor methods available to suit all applications.

How easily can it be configured for other systems?

At the moment the system is restricted to switch and 4-20mA inputs and if this does not cover your range of needs there is great potential to monitor a wider range of inputs.  Additionally if you do not wish to use one of the front ends that we supply it is possible to connect the output from the site controller to your chosen front end. For more information regarding the feasibility of further inputs or the suitability of your chosen front end please contact us.

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