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After all occupants have safely escaped, an unexpected fire left unchecked can bring a business to its knees. While relying on the fire and rescue service to save the building, the contents, equipment, inventory and processes are often destroyed by the fire, smoke or water. This is why business owners and their insurers who wish to avoid downtime and loss engage Equipro to undertake a business continuity fire protection review. We identify sources of ignition and provide solutions to mitigate fire risk ensuring vital processes and property are protected.

Equipro supplies, designs and installs a wide range of fire suppression systems and solutions

  • Room Gas Suppression Systems

  • Commercial Kitchen Fire Protection Systems

  • Energised Equipment Enclosure Fire Suppression Systems

  • Residential Cooker Fire Protection Systems

  • Watermist Fire Suppression Systems

  • Machinery & Equipment Fire Protection Systems

  • Vehicle Fire Protection Systems

  • Industrial Fire Protection Systems

  • Sprinkler Systems

  • Fire Alarm Systems

  • Fire Detection & Control

Equipro offers full design, supply, installation and maintenance packages for fire protection and fire alarm systems.e

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