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Electrical Equipment Fire Protection Systems

Electrical fires commonly occur in commercial, industrial and residential locations causing billions of pounds damage and losses a year worldwide. As nations develop, modernise and grow, electrical and energised infrastructure installations grow to fuel and power our world leading to increases in frequency of electrical fires and their cost to lives, property and business.

There are many different approaches to reducing the risk of electrical equipment fires and Equipro Ltd can help you select the best and most fit for purpose solution for you.

Equipro Approach

Electrical fires frequently start inside the equipment and spread outwards to the room and any adjacent items, This means that the initial heat and smoke is confined within an enclosure away from ceiling mounted fire detectors and suppression systems.

There are two approaches to dealing with electrical fires.

Source of Ignition - Fire Detection and Suppression

Source of Ignition systems provide automatic fire detection and suppression function inside the equipment or enclosure. The purpose is to detect and suppress an emerging fire before it is able to spread from its enclosure.

- Pneumatic Activated Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems

- Inert Gas Generator Fire Suppression Systems

- Aerosol Generator Fire Suppression Systems

Linear Heat Pneumatic operated systems detect and deliver suppressing agent inside enclosures. The suppressing agent is delivered directly to the seat of the fire. The fire is suppressed and contained within the enclosure. Damage, loss and downtime is minimised. 


Fixed Room Systems - Fire Detection and Suppression

Fixed Room Systems provide automatic fire detection and suppression function outside the equipment or enclosure. They rely on the fire signature from inside the enclosure to reach the detector commonly located on the ceiling in the room and on activation will discharge their gas or water or watermist into the entire room with the intention of reaching the seat of the fire. Equipro supplies a wide range of heat and smoke detectors and fire control panels.

Gaseous Room Total Flood Systems detect and deliver suppressing agent outside equipment enclosures to the room in which they are located. These systems require fire detectors and a control panel to enable activation. The room must be checked that it can hold and retain the gas for at least 10 minutes after discharge. This is done by carrying out a room integrity test. If the room cannot retain the gas then openings and leak spots will be sealed.

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