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Lithium Ion Battery Rack Monitoring & Fire Suppression System
LI-ION TAMER by Equipro Ltd

Li-ion Tamer monitors Li-ion batteries for the first wisps of "off gases" generated in failing li-ion cell prior to thermal runaway. If it detects thermal runaway signature gases it activates as a fire detector enabling fast intervention to prevent a rapid high energy fire developing BEFORE thermal runaway occurs. For enclosures up to 32cbm Equipro offers Li-ion Tamer to activate the Equipro N2G Zero-Cylinder IG-100 Inert Gas System as a measure to force ventilate flammable gases from the enclosure to help prevent ignition and continue to inert the enclosure helping to prevent any fire spread and development.


Li-ion Tamer® is designed to provide enhanced safety for your battery systems and can be installed at a wide range of integration points throughout your design. Off-gas begins as gases that are generated inside individual cells due to exothermic reactions which begin to occur as a result of internal problems in the battery or external abuses. The release of these gases is the first stage of a battery failure which can self-propagate until the battery begins to smoke and go into fully developed thermal runaway. The ability to detect the gases provides a signal capable of providing early warning of the eventual cell failure and can enable actions which can help mitigate the effects of the battery failure. Li-ion Tamer® products are designed to detect and protect individual modules all the way to room level integrated solutions.

Key Features
  • Early warning of lithium-ion battery failures

  • Enable thermal runaway prevention with proper mitigation actions

  • Single cell failure detection without electrical or mechanical contact of cells

  • Extended product lifetime

  • Calibration-free product

  • Highly reliable output signal

  • Low power consumption

  • Compatible with all lithium-ion battery form factors and chemistries

  • Easy installation with several mounting options

  • Independent and redundant perspective on battery health

  • Auto diagnostic capabilities

  • Reduction/removal of false positive signals

  • Several communication protocols including digital outputs and Modbus communication

All about Li-ion Tamer Video
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