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Lithium Ion Battery Rack Monitoring & Fire Suppression System
LI-ION TAMER by Equipro Ltd

Li-ion Tamer monitors Li-ion batteries for the first wisps of "off gases" generated in failing li-ion cell prior to thermal runaway. If it detects thermal runaway signature gases it activates as a fire detector enabling fast intervention to prevent a rapid high energy fire developing BEFORE thermal runaway occurs. For enclosures up to 32cbm Equipro offers Li-ion Tamer to activate the Equipro N2G Zero-Cylinder IG-100 Inert Gas System as a measure to force ventilate flammable gases from the enclosure to help prevent ignition and continue to inert the enclosure helping to prevent any fire spread and development.


Li-ion Tamer® is designed to provide enhanced safety for your battery systems and can be installed at a wide range of integration points throughout your design. Off-gas begins as gases that are generated inside individual cells due to exothermic reactions which begin to occur as a result of internal problems in the battery or external abuses. The release of these gases is the first stage of a battery failure which can self-propagate until the battery begins to smoke and go into fully developed thermal runaway. The ability to detect the gases provides a signal capable of providing early warning of the eventual cell failure and can enable actions which can help mitigate the effects of the battery failure. Li-ion Tamer® products are designed to detect and protect individual modules all the way to room level integrated solutions.

Key Features
  • Early warning of lithium-ion battery failures

  • Enable thermal runaway prevention with proper mitigation actions

  • Single cell failure detection without electrical or mechanical contact of cells

  • Extended product lifetime

  • Calibration-free product

  • Highly reliable output signal

  • Low power consumption

  • Compatible with all lithium-ion battery form factors and chemistries

  • Easy installation with several mounting options

  • Independent and redundant perspective on battery health

  • Auto diagnostic capabilities

  • Reduction/removal of false positive signals

  • Several communication protocols including digital outputs and Modbus communication

All about Li-ion Tamer Video
Li-ion Tamer + N2G Inert Gas Systems
 Li-ion Off Gas Monitoring & Ignition Suppression

Xtralis' Li-ion Tamer constantly monitors for first signs of off-gases generated by Li-ion batteries. Once detected, mitigating protocols can be put in place to intervene prior to thermal runaway. The intervention can be enhanced by installing N2G Inert Gas Fire Suppression Systems to force ventilate flammable gases generated inside the room/enclosure prior to thermal runaway and removing fuel, suppressing ignition. The N2G continues to discharge pure Nitrogen to the correct concentration to safely inert the area to help to continue suppressing any emerging fire.  N2G System Info Here

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