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Pneumatic tube Trace systems

Equipment, Machinery & Process Fire Protection Systems

Small and simple. Highly Effective and installed globally on a huge scale. These small systems detect and suppress fire inside equipment exactly at the place where a fire can start. Tube Fire Suppression Systems confine any fire to a very small location, preventing spread and the deployment of large, damaging and costly building fire systems. 

Conduct a risk assessment to identify possible ignition sources and install a tube fire suppression system. Contact us today!

Equipro Ltd can design, supply and install tube trace fire suppression systems.

Tube Trace Fire Suppression Systems are used to suppress fires in electrical cabinets, switch gear, CNC Machines, process equipment, generators, and enclosures in wind turbines, manufacturing facilities, servers and machinery.

Equipro Ltd supplies AUSPEX Fire Detection Tube to tube fire suppression system service companies.


Loss of pressure pneumatic tube fire suppression systems detect and suppress at the source of ignition - inside the equipment or object being protected. The technology has been in service since the 1980's and many thousands of systems are in service around the world protecting many kinds of hazards from control panels to wind turbines to mining vehicles to CNC machines to Laboratory Fume Hoods and Buses.


In 2017 LPCB published standard LPS1666 permitting the use of tested and approved systems to be used to protect electrical and mechanical enclosures. Equipro also offers UNECE107r approved tube systems for the protection of bus engines and LPS1223 approved systems for Restaurant Kitchens.

These solutions are integrated "all-in-one" fire detection & suppression systems using a pressurized fire detection tube as a linear heat detector to detect a fire. When a fire is detected by the fire detection tube the contents of the cylinder assembly are discharged into the vicinity of the fire so detecting and suppressing it instantly.

Such tube operated systems provide an additional tier of fire protection due to their diverse flexibility. For example tube operated in-cabinet or "micro-environment" systems can be filled with a variety of fire extinguishing agents covering a wide range of fire risks.


They can be filled with clean agents, CO2, Powders, Foams, Wet Chemicals so these systems' applications are virtually limited and can be used to protect fixed or moving, enclosed and unenclosed hazards on or under the ground, on or under water and up in the air.

Pneumatic Tube Operated In Cabinet systems are commonly used to protect "novel" or "unconventional" fire hazards and are viewed positively by the insurance industry as mitigating fire risks and preventing financial losses caused by fire.

In-cabinet fire protection systems applications include electrical panel fire protection, cnc machine fire protection, vehicle engine fire protection, laboratory fume hood fire protection, bus engine fire protection, industrial air filter fire protection, mining vehicle fire protection systems, generator fire protection systems, fuel bund fire protection systems, lithium battery fire protection systems, battery rack fire protection systems, switchgear fire protection systems, cable tray fire protection systems and a wide variety of local application fire hazards and applications.

Key Advantages 

  1. No false alarms.

  2. No electrical power required to detect and discharge.

  3. 100% of extinguishing agent design concentration discharged to the seat of fire.

  4. Simple product long reliable lifetime.

  5. Reliable suppression even with airflow and leakage.

  6. Simply connected to fire alarm control panel.

  7. Clean, no residue.

  8. Can be installed without impacting IP Rating if fire detection tube can access main cable incoming gland.

  9. Is intrinsically safe.

  10. Integrates to fire alarm control panel via low pressure switch.

  11. Proven Technology: Hundreds of thousands installed globally.

  12. Fast & straightforward installation.

Application Example

Research laboratory fume hoods can be protected by Pneumatic Tube Trace Systems. If a flammable material/liquid is accidentally spilled onto a heat source such as a hot plate or open flame a fire can start and develop quickly.

A Pneumatic Trace Tube system can quickly activate and rapidly suppress the high energy, potentially dangerous fire before it can spread.

Ask us today for more information how to protect your laboratory from fire using Pneumatic Tube Trace Systems and other fire safety systems.

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