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Tunnel Fire Protection Systems
  • Road Tunnel Fire Protection Systems

  • Cable and Mining Tunnel Fire Protection Systems

  • Rail / Train Tunnel Fire Protection Systems

Road Tunnels

Most road tunnels are not protected by a Fixed Fire Fighting System and this despite a considerable fire risk and limited evacuation and access routes. A fire in a tunnel can have severe consequences such as damage to the tunnel structure resulting in closure of important infrastructure networks and long business interruption periods, and in worst case loss of lives.

A Fixed Fire Fighting System fights fires in tunnels fast and effectively and enables safe evacuation and easy access for rescue workers. With a Fixed Fire Fighting System installed both life safety and asset protection are significantly improved.

The system facilitates control of a fire in its early stages preventing heat build-up, fire growth and fire spread between vehicles as well as reduces smoke hazards.

Further, an installed Fixed Fire Fighting System can, in many cases, have economic benefits as the expense of other safety solutions such as passive fire protection can be reduced along with the cost of ventilation design. 


Cable & Mining Tunnels

Cable tunnels are essential for modern data and power distribution and a fire in such an underground tunnel can bring society to a standstill and lead to serious economic loss. Due to the volume of electricity in these environments the risk of fire is especially high. However, only rarely are cable tunnels protected by a fire fighting system due to the fear of water damage.


Fires in mining tunnels are extremely dangerous and can have fatal consequences for the personnel working in the tunnel, and lead to extensive production downtime. Operating an underground mine often require different types of heavy machinery and because of the workload and the harsh conditions these machines are at a certain risk of catching fire.


A Low Pressure Watermist system ensures optimal fire protection for cable and mining tunnels and offers:

  • Rapid fire control

  • Minimal water damage

  • Simple and modular installation

  • Full protection 3D watermist spray

  • Opportunity for downsizing to smaller smoke extraction systems and fewer escape routes

Metro / Train Tunnels

The risk of tunnel fires in metro and rail tunnels are significantly lower than in road tunnels due to low fire loads and effective monitoring. However, the consequences of such fires can be devastating, and evacuation of passengers can be challenging since large groups of people have to be moved along narrow pathways to the nearest exit or station. Fire incidents in longer tunnels are especially catastrophic since fires produce high temperatures and toxic smokes, and escape routes are often limited.

A Fixed Fire Fighting System will control the fire by applying water at the fire’s early stage which helps avoid fire spread, reduce smoke hazards and allow for safe evacuation of passengers.


Equipro TunProtec Tunnel protection systems feature stringently tested low pressure watermist systems.

Tests and approvals

To evaluate and obtain reliable results of a Fixed Fire Fighting System's performance is through full-scale fire testing.

TUNPROTEC® - A proven solution

The TUNPROTEC® system has been subjected to a number of full-scale tunnel fire tests witnessed by accredited fire test laboratories.

TUNPROTEC® and RISE Fire Research performed a series of full scale fire tests in the 1.8 km long Runehamar test tunnel in Norway

  • The TUNPROTEC® system was successfully tested to class B fires up to 30 MW

  • The TUNPROTEC® system was successfully tested to class A fires up to 100 MW

TUNPROTEC® and Efectis performed one of the most comprehensive full scale tunnel fire test series in the 600 m long San Pedro de Anes test tunnel in Spain

  • The TUNPROTEC® system was successfully tested to class A fires up to 250 MW

Die-Electrical Test Accordingly to EN3-7 ≤ 52 kV

The Equipro TUNPROTEC® solution has been exposed to, and successfully completed, one of the most comprehensive full scale tunnel fire test series.

The test series also included unsuppressed free burn fire scenarios which showed destructive results.

The TUNPROTEC® system has been developed, tested and manufactured by VID Fire-Kill ApS, a Danish based global player within Low Pressure Watermist Solutions. Known for its highly reliable and effective products, VID Fire-Kill utilizes many years of combined low pressure watermist fire protection experience to develop new and groundbreaking firefighting solutions. All products are developed and manufactured in VID Fire-Kill’s ISO 9001 Quality Approved facilities. Equipro is a distributor of VID Fire-Kill.

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