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The  Li-ion Fire Intervention Mask, is a protective breathing and face mask designed to safeguard against the risks associated with lithium-ion fires and incidents.

The LIFM is manufactured to the highest quality and performance standards and is designed to support a safe means of escape for people from a thermal runaway event. The LIFM protects trained people using our F-500EA Li-ion Battery fire extinguishers and F-500EA fixed automatic fire protection systems.


Lithium-Ion Evacuation & Escape  Mask

FACT: Lithium-ion batteries and cells power various electronic equipment, tools, toys and transportation means, but they carry inherent risks.

PROBLEM: When they fail, Li-ion batteries can emit a large quantity of toxic, harmful gas and smoke which impedes a safe means of escape which can lead to entrapment and an inability to escape.

SOLUTION: The LFIM  provides 15 minutes of protection against toxic gases emitted by lithium-ion batteries and cells. It also shields the face from high-speed particles generated during lithium-ion battery explosions. LFIM is a valuable addition to F500 extinguishing systems, offering optimal protection for those exposed to lithium-ion battery risks. The mask is equipped with filters that protect against harmful substances released in fires, including CO2, carbon monoxide, HF, HCL, LiOH, hydrocarbons, ammonia, SO2, soot, and particles.

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Applications & Suitability

FACT: Toxic and flammable gases generated by Lithium Batteries in thermal runaway are extremely harmful to people. 

PROBLEM:  Enabling a safe escape from a Lithium Ion Battery fire in a residential or work place setting can frequently require short term protection from toxic off-gases that may block an otherwise viable means of escape. Whilst relevant to all occupants of a building this becomes more urgent for people with mobility issues and those in charge of evacuating people. Specially trained persons utilising the Equipro F-500EA fire extinguishers will also benefit from the added protection provided by the LFIM.

SOLUTION: Provide personnel and the public with an individual LFIM to be used in an evacuation in a premises where Lion-Batteries and toxic gases and smoke are a risk. This measure will enhance safe evacuations of people from the risks associated with a Li-ion battery fire.


Certification & Quality

FACT: Li-ion Battery Fire Intervention Masks are critical life safety devices. It is vital that they are manufactured to the highest quality standards. 

PROBLEM: Emergency situations are unpredictable but it is imperative that when needed the Lithium Fire Intervention Mask (LIFM) is ready and able to do its job - helping people of all abilities to escape a Li-ion Battery fire.

SOLUTION: The LIFM is a unique product in Europe designed to address Lithium-ion battery hazard concerns relating to means of escape. It is manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Certifications Include

EN136:1998 for Full Face Mask

Mod. C2 EU reg. 2016/425 for packaging

EN143387:2008 for Gas and Particulate Filters

EN168 for High Speed Particle Test

EN166 for eye and face protection

CE0161 for NoBo EU reg. 305/2011


Li-ion Intervention
Face Mask 


  • Firefighting of lithium-ion batteries

  • Fire Wardens / Security / Police

  • Parking garages and EV charging locations

  • Automotive Manufacturers

  • Battery Research & Development

  • Battery Manufacturing

  • Recycling and waste management companies

  • Hoist and towage services

  • Repair shops

  • Tools charging station construction and landscaping

  • Battery charging stations

  • Battery Storage

  • Trucks and passenger cars

  • Hotel Staff / Hospital Staff / Care Home Staff

  • High Rise Residential and Commercial Buildings

  • Underground Facilities

  • Marine Vessels and Offshore

  • Airline Staff and Airports



The LFIM provides 15 minutes of protection against the toxic gases released from lithium-ion batteries and protects the face against High-Speed Particles released when the lithium-ion batteries and cells explode.


The LFIM is therefore an effective addition to F-500EA extinguishing systems and offers optimal protection for people who are exposed to the risks of lithium-ion batteries and cells.


The LFIM is equipped with filters that provide protection against harmful and toxic substances released in fires.

Use the LIFM Mask with our range of F-500EA Lithium Ion Battery fire extinguishers

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