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Total Flooding Room Gas Fire Suppression Systems

Protecting your business operations and critically important equipment from fire 24/7 is accomplished by installing professional tested and approved automatic fire suppression systems from Equipro. From a small server room to a vast data center, Equipro has the ability to seamlessly support your organisation meet its fire protection needs.

  • Design
    • Equipro has access to the industry's most experienced designers and ​software packages. Our commitment to detail means that we cost engineer every project to comply with the latest fire protection standards and reduce capital costs by considered professional design techniques reducing the material required.

  • Supply
    • Equipro Supplies Room Total Flooding Gas Suppression systems to safeguard your critical assets, processes and facilities from the material damage, down time and consequential losses associated with fire.

  • Installation
    • Equipro can install our or other manufacturers' fire suppression systems worldwide. Our engineer's have over 20 years' industry hands on experience in the field, installing gas suppression systems off shore, in restricted access locations, clean rooms, security clearance and other challenging locations. If you have a fire protection system that requires ​installing call us first.

  • Maintain
    • Fire Suppression Systems​ must be maintained according to the manufacturer's system manual to ensure reliable operation when needed and to meet the requirements of approvals and standards bodies. When you require support to conduct the maintenance or to set up a maintenance agreement with your customer, contact us so we can help you meet the needs of your customer.

  • Room Integrity Testing
    • Gas Suppression Systems operate by either reducing the oxygen content to a precise level or by carefully controlled concentration ​of cooling effect. For this reason all rooms and spaces being protected must hold and retain the gas according to the needs of the applicable fire standard in your region. Room Integrity Testing monitors the ability of your room or space to hold the fire suppression agent over time and is a mandatory requirement in the world's leading fire standards.

  • Service Exchange
    • Whether at end of life, or installation alterations from time to time Gas Suppression Systems need to be decommissioned , permanently or temporarily moved and replaced . Equipro's experienced engineers can safely decommission, remove and replace your gaseous room total flooding suppression systems.


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